Girls Aloud are back with cryptic website and new Twitter accounts

Girls Aloud playing live in 2008 and now they are back and on TwitterNever mind Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Conservative Party Conference, the big news flying around the social web today is the return of girl band Girls Aloud.

Formed as part of Simon Cowell’s one off battle of the sexes “Popstars – The Rivals”, the five piece had been on sabbatical, with members releasing their own material, and Cheryl Cole featuring on Cowell’s X-Factor.

Today though they used Twitter and their website to announce a return.

The band have launched a new official, although currently unverified, Twitter account which at this time has posted just one message:

It is also only following five people – the band.

Singer Sarah Harding was the last to member join Twitter recently. Other members, such as Cheryl Cole, are prominent user of the network. Cole has around three million followers, and regularly retweets excitable fans talking about her latest release. Every member of the band retweeted the link to their website featuring a cryptic countdown clock, to the release of ‘Ten’.

It was all in a concerted effort to build up social media hype for the bands return, and it is truly a sign of the times that such a comeback was made using social media not Radio 1.

Clearly the band’s management felt it was important to build up sustained hype and a connection with the band’s fans, instead of trying to get on the  airwaves for 10 minutes. It worked, with hundreds of frenzied tweets from fans, and the band trending.

As with so many industries, social media has dramatically altered high famous musicians and singers connect with their adoring fans. Lady GaGa may has created her ‘Monsters’ from specific campaigns,  but other such as Rihanna, have gone for an almost blanket approach. She constantly gives fans new content and engages with them via social media, becoming almost omnipresent online, and subsequently the charts.

It is not the first time Girls Aloud have used social media to hype up a return either. Last year they tweeted a picture of four of them hanging out together.

It is thought that ‘Ten’ will be a charity single for Children in Need next month.