Pretty Polly app offers discounts for your worst sock pics

On of the Pretty Polly Sock-Horrometer entriesNice idea here from Pretty Polly to promote its new Secret Socks range.

It asks women to upload a pic of their dodgiest socks to get a discount from 10%-100%.

The campaign echoes what some other fashion brands have done such as Uniqlos tweet to get the price down and shoe brand Miista giving a greater discount if the person who tweets has a high ranking on Klout.

The Pretty Polly Sock-Horrometer Facebook app will we are told scan the most offensive socks and award a discount according to just how horrible your socks are and how badly you deserve your Secret Socks upgrade.

So get your worst fashion offenders out and get snapping if you fancy getting a cheap or free pair of these:

The new campaign follows last year’s campaign featuring pop star Jessie J. You can check out the and visit the Sock-Horror app and see some of the horrors uploaded on its Facebook  page.

The Facebook app is running from October 2 to – December 20th and the discounts can be redeemed through only.