Daily Archives: 8 October, 2012

Pretty Polly app offers discounts for your worst sock pics

On of the Pretty Polly Sock-Horrometer entriesNice idea here from Pretty Polly to promote its new Secret Socks range.

It asks women to upload a pic of their dodgiest socks to get a discount from 10%-100%.

The campaign echoes what some other fashion brands have done such as Uniqlos tweet to get the price down and shoe brand Miista giving a greater discount if the person who tweets has a high ranking on Klout.

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Google changes spark call for more integrated SEO

Only paid listings are to be shown within the Google shopping resultsWith Google researching the possibility of reducing its page one search results from ten to seven and favour due to be given to paid results on Google shopping, it is time companies revisited their overall spend to ensure they are getting the most from their budget.

A search system that displays seven results per page would mean that PPC and digital marketing would take on additional importance alongside search engine optimisation (SEO) as opportunity would be reduced.

Combine this with the announcement that only paid listings are to be shown within the Google shopping results in the US from this autumn, with Europe and Asia following next year, the need to spend wisely has never been greater.  Read More »

Sharing the floor – is social media helping women to find their voice?

BBC news presenter Emily Maitlis hesitates to speak up in male companyIt is now a couple of weeks since an article in the American Political Science review, asserting that women speak less than men in group discussions, made headlines in the UK’s national media.

The article itself is not for the casual reader, and I would have thought that it would be difficult for anyone who has attended a mixed gathering of more than five people to be remotely surprised by its conclusions.

There have been many different theories put forward as to why it is that women tend to be quieter than men in discussions (my personal favourite is that women are more inclined to encourage others to express their opinions while men like to communicate status by talking loudly) but nobody could say that it was a shocking revelation. Read More »

David Cameron passes 100,000 followers with dig at bookmakers

UPDATE -David Cameron last night passed the 100,000 follower milestone.

It was a quick canter to six figures for the Prime Minister who marked the occasion with his ninth Tweet and a little dig at some bookmakers.

It appears some bookies had doubted Cameron’s ability to pass the 100,000 follower mark during the week of the Conservative Party conference and have had to payout.  Read More »

Insiders say Twitter will seek an IPO in 2014

An illuminating profile of Twitter CEO Dick  Costolo in the New York Times looking at his stewardship of Twitter since the three founders either left to focus on other projects, Biz Stone and Evan Williams now run incubator start-up incubator Obvious, or took more strategic roles as Jack Dorsey has done.

In amongst the background insights into Costolo, who is a former stand-up comedian, is a mention of a possible date when Twitter might seek an initial public offering and follow Facebook and LinkedIn to the markets.

The date for the IPO is said to be sometime in 2014 giving Twitter more time to grow and develop revenue streams. Read More »