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How to make ad revenue from the social web

Advertising Week and CNBC recently held an event with the titans of the social web. Called Masters of Monetization 2.0, the event brought together top revenue and ad execs from LinkdedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Buzzfeed and Tumblr, as well as some Madison Avenue mad men.

Together, they came up with some insights into how to bring in revenue from the social web, an issue which has long plagued even the hottest tech companies.

There was also a growing focus on mobile, with significant amounts of social network traffic coming via smartphones and tablets.
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Facebook officially passes One Billion users – launches first video campaign

Facebook launches first video ad to celebrate one billion user milestoneUPDATED: Facebook today passed one billion users and launched its first brand campaign to celebrate the achievement.

The milestone was confirmed in a post by who else? Chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The official time the one billion active users was passed was on September 14 at 12.45 PM Pacific time. That is nothing compared to the 219 billion pictures we have all uploaded during that time. Read More »

US brand KitchenAid suffers backlash after ‘accidental’ abusive Obama Tweet on debate night

US brand KitchenAid suffers backlash after 'accidental' abusive Obama Tweet on #debate nightUS brand KitchenAid, owned by Whirlpool, is fighting social media fires today after it became the latest brand to suffer the problem of mistakenly sending a private tweet out from a company account.

One of KitchenAid’s staff last night sent out an unpleasant tweet about President Obama’s late grandmother and is today paying the price.

While the tweet was quickly deleted the damage was done after the tweet was rapidly retweeted and pasted online. Proving once again that there is very little chance of deleting anything permanently in social media. Read More »

Presidential debate breaks record as most Tweeted about political event

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clash in first Presidential #Debate in Denver, ColoradoTwitter launched Twitter.com/#debates as the first US Presidential debate kicked off last night and quickly became the most Tweeted political event on record as more than 10.3 million Tweets were sent in the 90 minutes.

The media declared Mitt Romney as the winner over President Obama in Denver although some had it down as Big Bird from Sesame Street.

The big yellow bird trended on Twitter as Romney said he would cut funding for US public service broadcaster PBS. Read More »

Walmart’s online figures just don’t add up

Walmart's online figures just don’t add up (Pic Walmart in Laredo, Texas)Retail giant Walmart may be making a lot of noise about its commitment to selling online, but the reality is that it seems to have comparatively little to show for the vast investment it has made in developing its own on-site search function.

Walmart has received a lot of coverage recently with the unveiling of its new search engine Polaris, which it has developed in-house through WalmartLabs.

While this move does demonstrate the retail giant’s commitment to e-commerce, a closer look at what has been done is likely to leave you questioning why the retailer doesn’t have more to show from its investment. Read More »