Twitter teams up with Nielsen for brand impact measurement

Twitter is to team up with Nielsen to measure brand impact on Twitter for the first time.

The move is likely to be warmly welcomed by marketers as they begin to invest more in Twitter’s Promoted Products, such as Promoted Tweets and Trends.

The new collaboration with Nielsen (@NielsenWire) will see the introduction of brand surveys on Twitter for the first time.

The brand surveys will appear to users just like a Promoted Tweet within a user’s timeline on both mobile devices and the desktop.

Users might see Tweets by @TwitterSurveys that invites them to fill out a survey directly within the Tweet itself.

Twitter says that building on its mobile heritage it is giving brands the ability to deliver and measure the impact of mobile and traditional desktop campaigns through these surveys.

“This is a native experience for the user, and we believe it will give brands better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement on Twitter.

“We’re currently working with a small set of advertisers to test this feature, and plan to make it available to additional partners in early 2013. For more information, contact your account lead or visit us here,” Twitter said on its blog.

Earlier this week we reported on how Time Inc had begun selling its Twitter wallpaper to brands and making money out of its Twitter page.

That followed the news that Promoted Tweets on mobile are achieving more than 40% in terms of engagement.

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