Tumblr and The Guardian team up for first Presidential debate

Obama & Romney: Tumblr will be cranking out instant animations of the first Presidential debateAs the first presidential debate of the US election kicks off tonight between President Obama and Mitt Romney Tumblr is teaming up with the Guardian.

On its ‘Tumbling The Election blog‘, Tumblr and its team of GIF artists are planning to crank out instant animations of the best debate moments.

Tumblr says these will be from “zingers to gaffes to awkward silences” in a debate that will see the men come head to head for the first time.

While Tumblr will provide the pictures the Guardian will provide the words.

The Guardian’s liveblog will bring the stories behind the GIFs, which will all take place on the purpose-built Gifwich live-GIFfing blog.

“Fair warning: Follow Gifwich at your own risk! After all, once each debate begins, your Dashboard could be flooded with animations on a minute-to-minute basis. Your mileage may vary, but if you prefer to just sample the flow, perhaps check outGifwich directly during the debate and reblog your favorites piecemeal. You can even sample curated real-time selections from the Guardian’s liveblog or Tumblr’s official Election blog,” from the Tumblr blog.