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Twitter teams up with Nielsen for brand impact measurement

Twitter is to team up with Nielsen to measure brand impact on Twitter for the first time.

The move is likely to be warmly welcomed by marketers as they begin to invest more in Twitter’s Promoted Products, such as Promoted Tweets and Trends.

The new collaboration with Nielsen (@NielsenWire) will see the introduction of brand surveys on Twitter for the first time. Read More »

Tumblr and The Guardian team up for first Presidential debate

Obama & Romney: Tumblr will be cranking out instant animations of the first Presidential debateAs the first presidential debate of the US election kicks off tonight between President Obama and Mitt Romney Tumblr is teaming up with the Guardian.

On its ‘Tumbling The Election blog‘, Tumblr and its team of GIF artists are planning to crank out instant animations of the best debate moments.

Tumblr says these will be from “zingers to gaffes to awkward silences” in a debate that will see the men come head to head for the first time. Read More »

Lana Del Rey is “beauty Instagrammed”

I noticed the line, “Lana Del Rey is beauty Instagrammed”, as part of a 12 page spread on the ‘Video Games’ singer in the October issue of GQ.

It was celebrating her position as GQ’s Woman of the Year (as part of its Men of the year issue).

I’m not entirely sure what “beauty Instagrammed” means, possibly referring to her timeless retro look which is something that Instagram gives us, I thought it underscored nicely the photo sharing apps’ growing appeal in popular culture.

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True Bounce Rate – A more accurate way to calculate Bounce to measure search ROI

Traditional bounce rate calculation does not account for the various technical nuances associated with traffic measurementIt is my pleasure to share with you a method for calculating Bounce Rate to make it more accurate.

In North America alone the search engine marketing industry will reach a value of nearly $23B by the end of 2012 with an expected 17% increase in 2013 according to ‘The SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2012’.

After placing a substantial part of their advertising in SEO and PPC and associated costs with developing the website, execu­tives and marketing teams are tracking website traffic metrics to evaluate the ROI of that online marketing investment. Bounce rate is one metric that shows slippage and can equate to a substantial loss of potential sales. Read More »

Google’s new guidelines impact PR, social, affiliate marketing and SEO

In New York it is Search Week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg put his name to the proclamation that cites a strong tech community, digital growth and the goal of being the world’s premier digital city.

The announcement coincides with Danny Sullivan’s SMX East; the search conference running in the city this week. New York are not the only ones to time announcements to match up with SMX East – Google has too. A blog post on the official Webmaster Central Blog last night announced an updated version of the Quality Guidelines.

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Foreign Secretary @williamjhague meets his Twitter followers

William Hague has been the most active foreign secretary we have had on Twitter and this week he marked his 100,000 follower milestone by meeting five of his followers for a discussion about foreign policy.

The meet the Foreign Minister sit down follows the news last week that Prime Minister, David Cameron, is finally set to join Twitter.

It is, albeit in a small way, another sign of social media making its way into the heart of government.

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Social media as an integral enabler

The inaugural Meaning conference, curated by Will McInnes author of new business book Culture Shock. #meaningconfMonday saw the coming together of a group of activists from the worlds of business, academia, politics, farming, architecture and denim.

I don’t think any of them would think of themselves as activists though…just individuals who have decided to approach business a different way, with social channels and tools underpinning much of what they do and how they do it. They were gathered to share their actions and stories for the inaugural Meaning conference, curated by Will McInnes author of new business book Culture Shock.

Described as ‘a handbook for 21st Century business’ it showcases organisations from across the globe that are making a change, an impact on the people who work there and the world. Read More »