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After Twitter split LinkedIn promotes its own people to follow

We read last month that the removal of Twitter from LinkedIn had given Facebook pages 1000% spike.

This week LinkedIn has launched a series of promoted accounts. According to AllThingsD the professional social network is culling a select group of high-profile people whom users can follow and receive updates from regularly.

It sounds like a slice of Twitter that LinkedIn has come up with to plug the 140 gap on its network since the two parted company. Read more on After Twitter split LinkedIn promotes its own people to follow…

5 Myths of social video advertising debunked

Nike’s Write The Future (15th) resulted in a 7% global sales increase These are truly exciting times for marketers. With 4 billion connected consumers willing to share branded content, there has never been a better time for a brand to invest in creating and distributing content that causes people to laugh out loud, tingle with anticipation or feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand on end.

Social video advertising campaigns generated more than 8 billion user-initiated views in 2011. This figure is set to double in 2012 as more brands invest larger shares of budget in a format that delivers engaged audiences, starts authentic conversations and creates opportunities for advocacy and earned media.

However, as with any relatively new and innovative form of marketing, there are many questions to be answered and many myths to be dispelled. Read more on 5 Myths of social video advertising debunked…

So…is Twitter a social network, or not?

Kevin Thau, Twitter's Vice President of business, speaking at Nokia World in 2010No, apparently not. Kevin Thau, Twitter’s Vice President of business and corporate development, made this point during a presentation at Nokia World way back in 2010.

Thau said that Twitter is not a social network, rather ‘It’s for news, content and information’. Read more on So…is Twitter a social network, or not?…

Facebook launching new ways to engage advertisers and boost revenue

With increased scrutiny of its revenues since going public, Facebook is trying to up its sell to marketers. Instead of focusing on clicks, it is now trying to turn its focus onto real world sales, and more effective targeting.

The company has put together a survey with Datalogix, which analyses data related to real world sales, and found that under one per cent of sales tied to Facebook ads came from a click i.e. just because someone doesn’t click on your ad, it doesn’t mean they won’t buy the product.

It is a sign that Facebook wants to move away from a world where “click is king”, according to their head of measurement and insights Brad Smallwood. Read more on Facebook launching new ways to engage advertisers and boost revenue…