Possibly the greatest conversation on Twitter ever

Douwe Egberts shows how to have a conversation on TwitterThere have been some inspired examples of brands on Twitter and showing how they are willing to engage, try something a little different, and win plaudits for it.

The Betfair Poker account on Twitter is a good example of that.

More recently in July we saw another good example from bookstore Waterstones and the feed from its Oxford Circus store, which offers an amusing geek filled stream of tweets with a character all of its own.

Another really good example is highlighted here from coffee brand Douwe Egberts. It has a small Twitter following and hasn’t been on Twitter that long.

It got into a random conversation with The Dolphin Pub in Hackney, which has a strong and distinctly individual feed of its own. The two came together and a highly entertaining conversation ensues.

I love the way that @DouweEgbertsuk just rolled with it and responded to @The_Dolphin_Pub even though the language wasn’t exactly crystal clean.

I think it’s a good reminder that brands should be open and not closed when it comes to social media and that way they will more likely reap the benefits of any opportunities to engage that come their way. Thanks to @fieldproducer for highlighting it.

  • http://powerisastateofmind.blogspot.com/ Matt

    Notice that the Dolphon Pub realises how awesome his conversation is and eventually invites his followers to read into it by putting the full stop before the @handle. Funny stuff though!

  • http://powerisastateofmind.blogspot.com/ Matt

    Oh, AND, notice how Dolphin didn’t tweet to Douwe first. Douwe obviously had a search term set up for their own company, so they could check what people were saying about them. They probably also have a Google Alert set up. It just helps them counter criticisms, and extend customer service.

  • http://www.engage-2012.com/ Jake Gillian

    Of course they have a search term set up for their own company, so they could check what people were saying about them. As well as they have Google Alert set up. It is only natural that big companies like this want to be able to react on both positive and negative comments, tweets, etc. – extending the relationship with their customers and being able to fight criticism.

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  • DS Wadeson

    I’d say more ‘mildly amusing’ than ‘greatest ever’…

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  • Guest_22

    Short of news today?