Promoted Tweets on mobile are achieving more than 40% in terms of engagement

LG Ticket Hunter campaign on TwitterTwitter has released some data that provides interesting statistics that give an idea of the kind of performance Promoted Tweets are achieving for advertisers.

Most notably though is how mobile is performing. In one campaign for Volkswagen the best performing Promoted Tweet on mobile received 43.8% engagement.

While a campaign for LG saw a Promoted trend achieve an average engagement rate of 38%.The figures are  high, but show what advertisers can achieve on Twitter and are well above the average engagement levels that Adam Bain, president of global revenue at Twitter, spoke about when he was in London earlier this year. 

He said then that on average brands were picking up 1-3% Twitter engagement with 7-10% for a promoted trend.

Twitter has released details about how three high profile recent campaigns performed, which point not only Twitter’s ability to drive good levels of engagement but increasingly levels of traffic also.

Volkswagen Polowers

Automotive brands seem to do well on Twitter. At Twitter4brands in June Twitter gave details of how when Porsche decided to use Twitter as the initial platform in theUS to launch the 2012 Porsche 911 the brand got double digit engagement from the moment it posted as fans tweeted about the launch.

The success of the #2012Porsche911 exceeded all expectations for the brand and drove an 87% engagement rate for a Promoted Tweet associated with a Promoted Trend.

In Spain Volkswagen launched a game called “Polowers” where people could play by following the @VW_es account and potentially win a Polo by tweeting.

There were around 150K Tweets sent in the eight hours of the contest and they reached 10% of all the Twitter user base in Spain.

Mobile success

Most notable in this campaign, and a clear nod to the future, was the success that VW had on mobile. Mobile engagement was higher than desktop engagement.

Engagement rates were 12% higher on the Promoted Tweets and the best performing Promoted Tweet on mobile received 43.8% engagement.

For advertisers which have struggled to find effective mobile advertising formats that makes for interesting reading.

According to Twitter it is seeing this kind of increased mobile engagement across the board and that the trend towards and that is driving a high proportion of revenue from mobile (on most days) than the desktop.

That echoes what Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said back in June when he revealed that the microblogging site was generating more advertising revenue from its mobile platform than from its website on many days in the last quarter.

Volkswagen: Promoted Tweet on mobile received 43.8% engagement.

Get Ahead of the Games

As we know now this M&C Saatchi and Walker Media campaign was hugely successful to warn Londoners to plan ahead when travelling over fears of a transport meltdown during the London Olympics.

TfL and the Olympic Development Authority used Promoted Accounts and Get A head of the games saw high levels of engagement on Twitter Promoted Tweets to raise awareness of the available traffic related resources and communicate important real-time information during the Games.

They saw a good 9% level of engagement and picked up more than 45,000 new followers for the @GAOTG account. Overall the campaign had a 23.5 million potential reach of retweets and those exposed to the campaign were more than twice as likely to change their travel plans.

Twitter could also be seen driving a lot of traffic. As much as 16% of website traffic was driven by Twitter, which is almost double the level of engagement.

To gain further traction on Twitter and drive traffic to their website, @GAOTG launched a series of Promoted Tweets in timelines and Promoted Tweets in search.

James Banks, digital strategist at Walker Media said the ability “to quickly update our Twitter content and keywords gave us complete control ensuring our messages were timely and relevant”.

LG Ticket Hunter

LG launched the ticket hunter campaign to promote the new Optimus L Series phone in the UK.

The campaign offered people the chance to unlock information by tweeting, which could lead them to free concert tickets.

LG ticket hunter: LG Promoted trend hit a high average engagement rate of 38%

The LG Promoted trend hit a high average engagement rate of 38% and there were more than 50,000 hashtag mentions over a five day period.

In all the campaign racked up more than 20 million total impressions from the Promoted trends and more than 5,000 Tweets per hour were sent in the first few hours of the campaign going live.

Again there was a good story with Twitter driving web traffic where consumer who came from Twitter spent an average of seven minutes on LG microsite.

Paul Chivers, an account manager at Mindshare, says the campaign instantly saw massive spikes in conversation as people began to spread the word about the competition.

“Our audience clicked through on the Promoted Tweets to visit the site and they kept coming back.

We were incredibly wowed with the power of Twitter to deliver an engaged audience that helped amplify our messages at every stage of the campaign,” says Chivers.