Kellogg’s opens first Tweet Shop for Cracker launch

Kellogg opens a Tweet Shop in Soho for its Special K Cracker Crisp launchNice idea here. Kellogg has opened what it is calling the “World’s first Tweet Shop”.

It is open today to launch its new range of Special K Cracker Crisps and is located on 13 Meard Street London.

For each tweet you get a free box of Cracker Crisps. A nice tie-up of the bricks and clicks.

The low calorie Kellogg’s Special K savoury spin-off comes in three flavours with sea salt & balsamic vinegar, sweet chilli, sour cream and onion.

It’s already doing well on Twitter under the #TweetShop hashtag and picking up plenty of retweets. If you’re in Soho today it has to be worth a Tweet and checking out.

Interesting to see Kellogg make good use of Twitter here as last time we wrote about the cereal giant it was because it had failed to use Twitter (or rather it had forgotten about it, until reminded): “Kellogg’s launches Krave social campaign — Twitter account last updated 18 months ago”.