Obama team targets youth vote with ‘For All’ social media campaign

Star Wars actress Natalie Portman in the #ForAll Obama campaignIn 2008 the message was ‘Hope & Change’. It was a slogan that resonated with the youth of America and now the Barack campaign is hoping it can pull off the same feat again.

The Democrats already know that America’s youth are more likely to vote for it than the Republicans, but the campaign still has to get them to the polling booth, which is where the latest social media campaign comes in.

This time around it is called ‘For All’, in part a swift response to Mitt Romney’s damaging 47% comments, and the Obama team launched it yesterday on Instagram. They asked young Americans to write something on their hand that matters, take a picture with their hand over their heart, and post it on social media.

The campaign is in part targeting those who were too young to vote in 2008, but have come of age under the Obama presidency.

The campaign looks like something that has been turned around incredibly fast, which is of course something that social media allows, and is a great response to Romney’s comments about how his “job is not to worry” about the 47% who don’t pay income taxes, are “dependent on the government”.

The campaign is asking supporters to share their picture with hashtags: #forall, #obama2012, #campaigntrail, #opendoors2012, #dnc2012, or just tweet the president’s account @BarackObama.

As well as ordinary supporters celebrities are also getting on-board including Leon and Star Wars actress and Natalie Portman who posted a picture in support of women’s rights. Others stars to tweet their images include Scarlett Johansson, Jared Leto and Jessica Alba.

“For All’ illustrates the shared values of the president and young Americans across the country: that if we work together, we can continue to move this country forward,” the Obama campaign said. “Working together, we can continue to restore the strongest middle class the world has ever known — the promise that hard work will pay off, responsibility will be rewarded, and that everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.”

Some of the pictures already posted include words such as “hope”, “equality”, “Equal pay”, “Clean air” and “Right to choose”.

In addition there is also a website (Young Americans) specifically dedicated to younger voters, which combined with the campaign and the timely launch of is almost guarantied to raise awareness and get people out.