Fox News falls for fake iPhone 5 laser keyboard video

The new iPhone 5 certainly has some new features to tempt iPhone fans, but what it doesn’t have is a laser keyboard that beams out or holographic video features.

Fox station, Fox 5 New York, however, could not work out the real from the fake as it aired a report, featuring reporter Lidia Curanaj, declaring these new amazing features were waiting in-store for Apple fans.

If the iPhone 5 did have these feature rather than being lighter, thinner with a bigger screen then no doubt the queues would have been bigger.

The video clip Fox 5 aired in Curanaj’s report was a year old concept video clip from Aatma Studio showing something that is clearly not an iPhone 5.

The concept video was speculating on possible new features, but seemed to have skipped a few years ahead.

Aatma’s current concept clip is worth checking out below with speculation of finger print scanning, wireless charging and Siri synching with out smart machines as features iPhone users could get in the future.

  • OldFar

    What a dumb ass. Doesn’t surprise me its Fox News.