Consumers are desensitised to standard banner ads [infographic]

Is the banner ad dying a slow online death? Advertisers still  invest in it, but according to Adform’s Quarterly Media Barometer consumers are increasingly desensitised to standard banner ads while it is rich media formats are getting results.

The study reveals that the time consumers spent engaging with rich media went up by a vast 74% between Q1 and Q2This coincides with a spike in online video advertising playtime, which increased by 6% in Q2.

The Barometer also reveals that traditional banner ads are considered ‘not up to standard’ by consumers, and warns advertisers of the importance of embracing cutting-edge and stimulating rich media solutions to achieve higher levels of interaction for online campaigns. 

New innovations keep consumers switched on

The Barometer, which analysed over 90 billion ad impressions in 18 countries across Europe, also reveals that engagement rates with rich media ads is over five times higher than that of standard banners and that advertisers that have already made an investment in rich media ads saw a 9%  increase in brand exposure quarter on quarter.

Gustav Mellentin, CEO at Adform says that consumers are switching off to ads which offer no creativity or relevance to them.

  • john

    NSS! How long did that take to work out!

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  • Martin Stockfleth Larsen

    Hey John

    It did not take that long time. We have all the date so it was more a matter of aggregating the data and implement a new process for the collection and last part was to create the infographic.
    In total close to a week of efficient work time

  • My lawyer

    Good info – never before has it been so important to understand that we are all having myriad different pulls on our attention every min of every day, and banner ads are at best static and boring and at worst, annoying as hell, especially pop ups when you are trying to look at something else.