American Express and Foursquare launch check-in and save with Harvey Nichols

foursquare, American Express and Harvey Nichols get together in check in and save dealI’ve long been a fan of Foursquare. It is easily integrated into more mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and the location data that the app generates should make it an essential digital tool for marketers and campaigners.

American Express UK have recognised its power, and are running a new campaign in conjunction with the geo location company and Harvey Nichols. Card holders can sync their card with Foursquare , and if they check in at the department store they will receive £25 when they spend £25.

Amex launched it latest social media campaign (where else) via Twitter:

The Foursquare campaign echoes one it launched on Twitter, which we wrote about on The Wall earlier this year. That deal offered customers savings from a host of US brands, such as McDonalds, Dell, and Whole Foods.

To get them all customers had to do was sync their Twitter account with Amex, and tweet using the specified hashtag for that brand. The saving then goes directly onto the synced card. Very similar to the Foursqure deal.

The Foursquare campaign is beneficial to all concerned. It may encourage Amex users to take a possibly forgotten card out of their wallet, and the geo-location being shared by useres is good promotion for Harvey Nichols. Of course, it should get users into the habit of checking in on Foursquare too.

Amex UK seem fairly committed to the platform. With London Fashion Week making significant waves on social media, Amex are getting involved too. It is running a variety of campaigns and offers, using Foursquare syncing as the basis.

Often brands obsess over promoting a Twitter hashtag or building likes on a Facebook page, whereas actually this type of campaign could prove to be more effective. Credit card companies already have large and powerful sets of data, but linking cards and Foursquare could help Amex UK build a more accurate profile of their customer’ spending and lifestyle habits as they are linking credit card use with social network information. Given how many people link their accounts, Foursquare is an excellent gateway for companies to a variety of network information.

Other, smaller, brands have also seen the advantage of working within Foursquare. A variety of companies, mostly small food brands, used Foursquare and grown their is business by giving special offers to people who check in at their establishment.

Earlier this year Foursquare began trialing ads on its service for the first time as it joins Twitter and Facebook in an effort to monetize mobile social networking.

Foursquare might be a lot smaller than its rivals with 20 million users, but it is still faced with the same problem as everyone else as it tries to make mobile pay.