Google’s Project Glass hits the New York fashion runway

A model at  Diane von Furstenberg's New York Fashion Week show shot with Google's Project Glass. Google’s augmented reality specs, known as Project Glass, that give you the that essential Terminator or Star Trek experience you’ve always wanted are taking to the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Not as mere fashion props to waify models, but to record from behind the scenes at designer Diane von Furstenberg’s show.

For the past week Glass has been used to capture the Diane von Furstenberg creative process from an entirely new perspective.

UPDATE – Following the release of a series of images earlier this week Diane von Furstenberg has released a video shot with Project Glass giving you a small feel of what it can deliver from the catwalk through the eyes of the people who made it happen—the stylists, the models and Diane von Furstenberg herself. All the footage you see here was filmed using only Glass.

TUESDAY – Staff working for the US designer, who was named by Forbes as the most powerful woman in fashion, have been wearing Glass to share what they see with the world.

The project will culminate in a video to be released on Thursday. Until then DVF have been releasing a steady stream of images giving an insight into what it’s like to design, prepare and experience the DVF show through von Furstenberg’s eyes as well as those of a few others.

The short film ‘DVF through Glass’ will be released on Thursday, September 13 on the DVF Google+ page ( and Google’s YouTube channel (

Their debut at NY Fashion Week will help promote the idea that the glasses are practical as well as functional although the price is still high enough to put a lot off. In June Google revealed that the Google Glass Explorer Edition of its prototype camera-equipped glasses will cost $1,500 with delivery slated for early next year.

However, as Google co-founder, Sergrey Brin,  said himself these early versions are not intended as a consumer product, but as tests like this grow that will quickly change.

Von Furstenberg said the “revolutionary technology” in Glass would give everyone a unique perspective into fashion.

Brin added that “Beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology.”

Founded in 197 2 DVF has grown into a global fashion name with four full collections and a range of accessories that extends to shoes, handbags and eyewear