The social networking winners and losers in 2012 [infographic]

Great round up here from Ignite Social Media taking a global look at social networking and charting the winners and losers in 2012..

While Facebook continues to dominate in much of the world that is not the whole story. Looking east for instance to the Ukraine and Russia there has been the rise of  Vkontakte and in China and Hong Kong we see Kaixin001 appealing to many men.

As newer networks like Pinterest have popped up we have something new again: social networks dominated by women. The infographic lists all of the social networks where women are dominate as well as those where men are the majority.

No surprise  that Twitter and Tumblr are among the top five networks with the strongest growth rates. That is so evident during London 2012 when Twitter has hardly been out of the headlines.

For Google there is disappointment as there is no sign of Google+ here.  Likewise, no shock that the social networks in decline include the likes of MySpace and Digg, which was recently sold for a mere $500k having missed out on $200m deal in 2008.

Ignite have broken down the winners and losers in social networks for 2012 using data from Google Ad Planner and Google Insights for Search and pulled out the highlights in this infographic.

2012 Social Network Winners and Losers