Twitter’s grabbing the social media Olympics headlines – so what is happening on Facebook?

 As the world’s first social Olympics is in full swing, it is fair to say that Twitter has been the social media platform, which is grabbing the most headlines, for the right and wrong reasons.

These include its impressive opening ceremony traffic figures, athletes being banned from the games over racist comments, a 17-year old being arrested over abusive tweets to Tom Daley, its apology over the Guy Adams fiasco, to the tongue-in-cheek empty seat Twitter account.

With this in mind, the newly acquired Wildfire, which has been following 50 British atheletes on Facebook has provided some stats which show how ‘Team GB’ is performing on the social network  in the past 24 hours.

*Having won a silver medal in the team Equestrian event, Zara Philips experienced a 10% increase in Facebook fans within a day, to almost 10,000 fans

*Gymnast Hannah Whelan has also experienced success on social media, with a 20% increase in fans within a 24 hour period.

*Diver Tonia Couch saw her Facebook fans increase by 39% to 1,517 fans.

*Gymnast Beth Tweddle also saw her fans grow to almost 25,400, a 3% increase in one day.

*Although Euan Burton didn’t have the most successful day in his Judo competition, he did see his Facebook fans grow by 450%.