Mr Bean and Berners Lee are most tweeted moments during Olympic Opening Ceremony

Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean as he appeared at the London 2012 opening ceremonyThere were so many great moments in the Friday night’s opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games,  watched by a UK audience of 26.9m viewers, but the most tweeted moment in all of that was when Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean appeared.

It wasn’t just Mr Bean, however, who made an impact.

The role played by Sir Tim Berners Lee also touched a cord and a tweet he sent was shared more than 10,000 times.  

According to Twitter though it was Mr Bean who was behind the biggest spike in Twitter conversation as he did his comedy contribution to the Olympians of “Chariots of Fire”.

It wasn’t everyone’s favourite moment in Danny Boyle’s show, but love him or loathe him Mr Bean has global appeal.

There were lots of tweets saying that Mr Bean made the whole show more British.

The success of Mr Bean on Twitter was echoed on the larger screen. The peak of 26.9 million TV viewers came at 9.50pm to 9.55pm as Mr Bean delivered his comic take as he played with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Simon Rattle as it performed ‘Chariots of Fire’.

As well as Mr Bean many other tweeted about the NHS and the appearance Sir Berners Lee, the inventor of the internet.

While his name resonated with many that wasn’t the case with US broadcaster NBC, which has the US broadcast rights to the games.

NBC’s hosts Matt Lauer, Bob Costas, and Meredith Viera were confused when Berners Lee appeared and jokingly asking viewers to “Google” his name.

Ironically that was only the start of NBC’s problems relating to the web. The Twitterverse in the US boiled over with complaints about the network’s online streaming efforts and delays in broadcasting key competitions. Hashtags including #NBCfail and #NBCsucks surged on Sunday as viewers complained about the quality of NBCUniversal’s online platform.

Berners Lee appearance at the Opening Ceremony came at the end of a segment called “Frankie and June Say ‘Thanks Tim'” designed to underscore the affect his work has had on our lives.

The dance and musical number, also directed by Boyle, told the love story of teenagers Frankie and June, who are only able to reconnect with each other after a chance encounter through technology like smartphones and social networks.

At the end of the piece, Berners-Lee was unveiled sitting at a computer that powered the message “This is for everyone”, which was displayed in the stands during the ceremony. He also live tweeted it. His tweet has since been shared 10, 334 times.