Twitter announces new targeting to make Promoted Tweets more relevant

alan rusbridger talks open journalism, social media and paywallsTwitter has introduced new targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets that allow advertisers to target ads at users in a particular region rather than sending a blanket message to all followers regardless of where they’re located.

It means advertisers can make relevant local offers to customers for the first time, which is something that has been lacking from Twitter’s Promoted Tweets ad programme since it first launched.

Until now it hasn’t been possible to target Twitter users only in the UK without hitting users in the rest of the world at the same time.

It will allow companies to roll out global campaigns one region at a time rather than having to announce it all at once. It should also make campaigns easier to manage now that marketers can control who sees the message.

The new feature has the same targeting capabilities previously available to Promoted Tweets. The difference now is that a marketer doesn’t have to first send the Tweet to all of its followers.

The announcement, which plugs a gap in the Promoted Tweets sales pitch, is likely to persuade more advertisers to begin to experiment with Promoted Tweets for the first time as targeting is seen as a crucial part of the marketing jigsaw.

In addition Twitter has announced that mobile app providers who only want to reach customers on one device can do so without sending the message to desktop users as well.

The feature, which is now available to all advertisers globally who use Promoted Tweets, has been in beta testing for several weeks and Twitter has been working with a group of existing advertisers including @British_Airways, @CocaCola,The Washington Post (@wpsocialreader), and @Wendys.

Here’s an example of the targeted Promoted Tweet that British Airways sent to its UK followers during the beta test:

British Airways targeted Tweet

“Advertisers can compose targeted Tweets using the newly enhanced Tweet box in As with all Promoted Tweets, advertisers only pay when users engage with it, and Tweets that generate the most engagement are likely to appear more often. Simply put, advertisers are rewarded for messages that resonate with audiences,” Twitter said.