Consumers ready for switch to reading favourite magazines on tablets [infographic]

Interesting research here from lekiosk, the French tablet and smartphone platform for reading magazines that launches in the UK this week and is aiming to be the Netflix/Spotify for magazines.

Conducted by YouGov the consumer research reveals that 1 in 20 Brits are already consuming magazine media via tablet computers, but that the idea of doing so appeals to as much as 36% of UK consumers.

The research hints at the explosive growth that could be kicked off by the arrival of cheaper devices such as Google’s Nexus. 

Brits now especially favour reading magazines on tablet screens because of the speed at which doing so would allow them to access their chosen content (21%); the portability of digital media (20% ); the convenience of purchasing content —anywhere and at any time — through their devices (18%); and because it would give them the ability to cross reference content between multiple tablet applications (14%).

Other stats in this infographic include 38% read fewer magazines today than they did at the start of the recession. Lekiosk believes that declining print revenues can be counteracted by growing the proportion of people purchasing and reading magazines on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, and to that end are keen to do all they can to reach and cater for this audience.

Michael Philippe, co-founder of lekiosk, says: “The magazine industry is undergoing the same shift we saw in the music industry a few years ago – tomorrow’s magazine consumers are going to be doing their reading on tablet screens. Most publishers have already realised that it’s in their interest to make their content available to these upwardly mobile consumers because they’ll be able to offer them the same rich visual experience, but in a much more convenient way.

“Publishers are keen to work with us because they know that we’re committed to helping them sell more copies of their magazines and give consumers the best possible experience. lekiosk gives people the same feeling as if they were reading their favourite magazines on paper, but with the convenience of having it available on a tablet.”

The UK version of lekiosk is now available via the Apple App Store. The Android version of the UK app is slated for release in September 2012.