Twitter users are the most mobile of all social network users

Twitter: most mobile of all social network usersTwitter users are very mobile and more likely to access the social network with a smartphone than users of any other social site.

As many as 82% of  Twitter users  own a smartphone and 22% a tablet. Only wealthier LinkedIn users own more tablets, according to research from Ipsos Mori.

The research also says Twitter users are likely to more affluent than users of Facebook or Google+, whose users profiles are very similar.

Twitter users also tend to be the youngest of  all social networks. Two thirds aged under 35. They are also more likely to be C1 social grade or higher.

Other topline findings from the Ipsos MediaCT’s Tech Tracker show:

– 4 in 10 adults have used Facebook (44%) and YouTube (44%) in the past 3 months.

– 17% have visited or used Google+ (the Google social network site), 13% Twitter and 7% Linkedin.

– PC/laptop is the main access method for social networking although the gap is closing with 22% accessing social networks on their mobile. Only 2% access social networking via a TV connected to the internet.

No surprise that the profile of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users is slightly more female than male.

The only social network that tends to be more male is LinkedIn. It almost has a reverse set of numbers compared to Facebook with 58% men compared to 55% of women on the latter. Twitter is much more evenly spread, but women still are in the majority (49% v 51%).

LinkedIn users not only comprise more men, but they are older as well than on other networks. Four in 10 are between 35 and 54 and they are the most affluent too — with half being a social grade AB. Consequently, the ownership level for tablets is three times higher than the country average.