Twitter makes search simple as it unveils much needed changes

Twitter said on Friday that it was set to change forever and has now unveiled its changes with the introduction of search autocomplete and “People you follow” search results to

It is maybe not as much as some hoped, but it is a welcome improvement to what has often been a patchy Twitter search service.

How often have you been searching for a topic or a person on Twitter but not quite got the handle or hashtag right? Twitter is now taking a guess at what you really mean in the same way that Google does with web searches.

Search autocomplete shows you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it and you can select your query from the drop-down menu even before you finish typing it.

Twitter has also made several other improvements to make your search experience better, these include:

  • 1. Spelling corrections: If you misspell a term, we’ll automatically show results for your intended query.
  • 2. Related suggestions: If you search for a topic for which people use multiple terms, we will provide relevant suggestions for terms where the majority of that conversation is happening on Twitter.
  • 3. Results with real names and usernames: When you search for a name like ‘Jeremy Lin,’ you’ll see results mentioning that person’s real name and their Twitter account username.
  • 4. Results from people you follow: In addition to seeing ‘All’ or ‘Top’ Tweets for your search, you can also now see Tweets about a given topic from only the people you follow when you select the ‘People you follow’ view. Viewing Tweets about a topic from just the people you follow is a great way to find useful information and join the conversation.

The search updates are available on and on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android.

  • Chris Norton

    It was certainly something that needed improving – the search function has been the same for the past 5 years.