Yodel threatened Twitter with legal action to silence online critics

Home delivery firm Yodel, which handles packages for Amazon, Currys, Boots and O2 among others, has asked Twitter to delete dozens of critical tweets and accounts that it claims are defamatory and “constitute a serious libel”.

Yodel’s lawyers, Weil, Gotshal & Manges, wrote to Twitter on May 9 threatening legal action if the tweets were not removed.

It claims the statements in the tweets are “entirely false” and it includes a list of tweets that it wants removed.

Yodel, formerly known as the Home Delivery Network, has been repeatedly criticised by customers awaiting packages and its reputation has taken a battering online and on TV after it was the subject of a BBC Watchdog programme:

“The company formerly known as HDNL, had a trail of unhappy customers when it featured on Watchdog in 2010. Sixteen months on, new name, new promises – same old problems,” says BBC Watchdog.

The Watchdog programme highlighted numerous customer stories including that of Kim Hobbs who bought presents for her daughter, but Yodel lost the first part of her address leaving her present-less. She didn’t get an apology.

Another story was that of Claire Jolly. She has a seven foot fence and gate and has CCTV footage of the Yodel delivery driver bringing the X-Box 360 she ordered from Amazon – and throwing it over the gate. Yodel did apologise after Claire complained.

The list of tweets that Yodel provided to Twitter typically include those hitting out its failure to deliver on time, lost parcels and advice to others not to use the deliver service. Many are disparaging while others are humorous but don’t strike me as particular libellous.

Yodel appears to be using heavy handed legal tactics in an attempt to silence dozens of online critics – hardly a step that is likely to endear it to customers or a step in the right direction when it comes to customers service.

Some of the tweets Yodel wanted deleted simply call on Yodel to fix its customers service. Others tell of horror stories similar to the one suffered by Claire Jolly.

Many of the tweets still seem to be online while others  appear to have disappeared.

Yodel in its letter also asked that a parody account, @NotYodel, and another Twitter account @HDNL (the name by which Yodel previously went by before rebranding) be removed.

Both accounts are no longer active and appear to have been taken down by Twitter.

Weil, Gotshal & Manges claimed that it has been proven that the existence of these Twitter accounts “”over a substantial period of time, that the existence of these pages serves as a platform for such defamatory statements to be made against our client”.

In a statement Twitter says it doesn’t “comment on actions taken around specific accounts or Tweets” and offered no comment on the Yodel letter.

This latest episode and threat of legal action will do nothing to improve Yodel’s battered image and it only serves to further highlight the well documented issues that some customers have had with Yodel.

It also is another indication that Yodel has no real strategy for dealing with the chorus of online complaints.

While this letter might have silenced a few tweets, a quick search finds plenty more in online forums.

Twitter is the home of people ranting about brands that have let us down. We have all done it. Whether it is complaints about 02 or Virgin Media (me personally). Do they all go demanding for tweets to be removed? No, at least as far as we know.

These are some of the tweets that Yodel wanted removed and which have not been taken down by Twitter.

  • Mico705

    No wonder Yodel can claim to have a low complaint level. Have you tried contacting them to tell them how crap they are? It’s impossible! The website just takes you round in circles and doesn’t offer any help other than their own FAQ’s. The only number on there is an 0844 number which is probably premium rate (the only thing they can claim is in any way premium about their s**t company! I did manage to find a free phone number on a post which is 0800 157 7777, however both numbers simply take you to an automated service where you can only re-book delivery or arrange to collect your parcel. After waiting in all day for them I got a text message to say “Sorry we missed you.” Well they bloody well wouldn’t have if they had attempted delivery! Nobody called at the door, knocked, rang the bell, left a card or came near the place, so that is just a downright lie. They are as useless as everyone keeps saying. This is not my first run in with them and unfortunately if I buy online, probably won’t be the last as you don’t get a say in which company is used to destroy, miss-place and generally delay the hell out of your goods! They even have a crap name, so what can anyone expect from them?

  • donald holmes

    Just had the same problem with yodel.
    Lying driver didnt turn up but claimed the parcel couldnt be delivered as no one was in to recieve it .
    Tracking stated it was at depot all day not with courier .
    Only at 9.00pm did tracking state failled delivery .
    How convenient for a company that hires bone idle lazy liars.
    Come on yodel sort out the bad apples you have in your barrel and give customers the service they are entitled to .

  • fishwish

    Suck it up Yodel and improve your service no one wants to here your excuses they want a good service if you cant do that then your going to lose customers, oh too late that’s already happened. Will be avoiding any one that uses you in the future.

  • Tania

    After a nightmare experience with YODEL I did some research online and found the following link. The page has an email address and amazingly my parcel was finally delivered on the same day following my email! Give it a go:


    “If you require assistance with a parcel please email your name, address and parcel number to social.media@sm.myyodel.co.uk and our team will email you back.”

  • Jason Cooke


  • Guest

    Here’s the best for you all, I have cctv both at the front door, of my safe location, and of the top of the driveway. On Wednesday the 28th of October 2015 I received a text saying your delivery will be in the next hour, at 12:30pm. Now this is where things get funny, the arsehole of a driver sat there in his van for a good 20 minutes, he comes out of the van with no sign of the parcel on his hands. Ignoring the front door he goes through the side of the property through the side 7ft gate he proceeded to walk up and down the garden, now I didn’t need cctv for this part as I was sat in the kitchen I could see his every move. He scoped around a bit more, went back to the van and drove off. I went to the tracking page and it said delivery attempted at 12:28 but no one was home. There was no attempt of delivering the parcel whatsoever at best I could see the driver wiping his snot on a window rather than deliver. There was no card drop off either. So now I have taken this to my solicitor, all evidence that I have and I am taking yodel to court for misconductive service, unauthorised entry to propety, mistreating of customers property. This should kick them up the arse a bit

  • S-J

    Yodel are quite sickening. Had many bad experiences with them. There is no need for anybody to use their ‘services’. Avoid.

  • John Morris

    We should be free to complain without Yodel censorship.

  • Angry of Acton

    I have had problems with Yodel – they promised a delivery on Monday, they sent me text back to say that I missed their delivery – a lie – I did not set foot outside my flat all that day. They said they left a card – another lie. I complained via their ‘web chat’ and stated that the next day I can be at home will be Friday (today) as they refused to deliver to where I would be working for the rest of the week. It couldn’t be more difficult to interpret correctly – I stated it in writing. I looked at the tracking page today – it said I missed a delivery on Wednesday – by know stretch of the imagination can the word Wednesday be confused with Friday. They are not even attempting to deliver today. I strongly urge companies to think about this type of experience when they select their courier company, and make sure that they only work with those who keep their promises and do not lie. My phone company were sympathetic and they have informed Yodel that I require a delivery before 11am tomorrow.

  • Mark

    Yodel can bitch and moan all they want.. but the fact is, you can’t polish a turd.

  • Tim

    They said they left a ‘while you where out’ card, we got nothing.. we asked for a redirection to my work and then get home to find they claimed it was cancelled at the door and it’s being returned to sender !! Rubbish.. they must have spoken to my cat! as I was at work…… now the seller is getting an item sent back to them because of not even being done correctly… this isn’t the first time we have had this problem with this company… I will not be buying from any seller who use them again and we will not be using them ever in the future

  • Blurbwhore

    Same thing happened to me today. Except, they delivered half of another package (which was due 5 days before and they only delivered one half) this morning. So they delivered one package, then sent an email saying no one was home and there was a card in the letterbox, which there wasn’t obviously. So basically the driver only checked the packages later and realised he fucked up or was too lazy to take too biggish boxes up and just lied. They are quite literally the worst postage related service I have encountered and I come from South Africa where postal strikes can delay delivery for 3 months. At least there you can speak to people about it and track packages to a depot.