Twitter Search “Set To Change Forever” from tomorrow

Twitter: better searching is on the wayTwitter is preparing to announce imminent changes to the way that its limited search function works.

This according to Twitter engineering manager, Pankaj Gupta, tweeted earlier today that big changes are coming to the service.

To date Twitter search has been hard to use and comes with limited functionality. It isn’t particularly sophisticated and doesn’t for instance allow you to search among your own followers or for your own tweets.

Gupta said in his tweet that “Search & discovery in @twitter set to change forever after tmrw. Team – congrats and enjoy the enormity of ur impact few understand today!”.

Twitter also only displays a short selection of tweets going back a matter of weeks.

Twitter made limited changes to search last year. That promised more relevant Tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic.

However, the development Gupta is talking about sound far more significant. The changes could introduce fully indexed search going deep into the Twitter archive and allow search by user name as well as suggestions that it could be heading down the road of Flipboard into social aggregation. That could prove incredibly useful. At present finding old tweets is a hit and miss affair.

It is the Flipboard direction that Business Insider is speculating Twitter will take. Its speculation is partly based on a report from AllThingsD. The blog reports that Flipboard founder Mike McCue, who is on the board of Twitter, has suggested he step down from the board due to the increasing overlap between the two services:

 The reason, sources said, is McCue’s growing feeling that the companies are on a product collision course, with a possible troubled or perhaps more attractive result.

In other words, Flipboard will either face increasing rivalry from Twitter or will end up as a possible acquisition target for it or other companies.

“How users consume and use Twitter is a key part of its future, and that is what Flipboard does well already,” said one person with knowledge of the situation. “There is going to be an inevitable crossroads for the two companies,”  AllThingsD reports.

  • Chris Norton

    It will be interesting to see how it changes as they have announced stuff like this before and the search function has been close to useless. Let’s hope its better than the update to Tweetdeck they performed. Twitter obviously want to maximise their revenues and no doubt this will be part of that.

  • Andrew Girdwood

    I use the RSS aspects of the Twitter search a lot – hopefully these are enhanced by the incoming changes, not reduced.

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