Eric Schmidt’s Waywire social video startup aims to engage teens online

eric schimdt behind WaywireGoogle’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt has teamed up with Cory Booker, aka the frenetic Twitter super-user and mayor of Newark, to create Waywire, which is described as “a social video site for do-gooders from the millennial generation”.

It has been in stealth mode for a while and now come accepting email registrations for its beta launch.

Booker say says he’s always been “fascinated and compelled by how media combined with activism can really drive social change, from my earliest days as a city councilman. He won’t be involved day to day, but it sounds like a really interesting project if it can get momentum.

Day to day Waywire will be headed by Nathan Richardson, who ran the lifestyle website Gilt City.

According to the Huffington Post “on the primarily video-focused site, users will be able to comment on clips and share them with friends. Most of the videos will be user-generated, some will be sponsored, and about 170 hours of footage a year will be created by the company, the founders hope”.

There are no screen shots available so it isn’t clear how it will standout from other sites out there. So no surprise to hear Richardson describe it as “pre-revenue”.

That’s pretty much the way of all social media startups isn’t it?

“The millennials are the most digital-savvy generation ever,” Richardson said. “They’re creating a network to know how to parse information in news in a way that’s relevant to them.”