Top 5 most common blogger outreach mistakes and how to avoid them

Top 5 Most Common Blogger Outreach Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemYou might think blogger outreach is a piece of cake; surely anyone can manage simple blogger relations? Wrong. A lot of companies jump on the blogger engagement bandwagon without any prior research into this domain, leading to various issues.

Here at Best British Bloggers, we’re going to share with you just some of the common mistakes that so many brands fall victim to when undertaking a blogger outreach campaign. Many of these may seem very obvious, but it’s worth noting a few golden rules to stick to.

1)     Lack of research- This is one of the biggest problem areas on blogger engagement. The problem is that some firms may see the importance of bloggers, but they just don’t understand how to work with them to get the most value for their campaign. Look into a few of your competitors, see who’s doing it well, (and see who’s doing it badly), research key bloggers in your sector, look into the key benefits of blogger engagement and ensure that you’re taking this into account in your strategy.

Golden Rule no.1- plan and research blogger engagement for your brand.

2)     Dull, template emails- It’s fair to say that we all like a bit of appreciation, so when you’re contacting a blogger, try and make an effort in your initial email. A blogger’s pet hate is the generic “Dear blogger…” standard email with no personalisation at all. You should aim to try and make them feel special and so read their blog. Too often have we seen brands and agencies email bloggers without even having the courtesy to look at the blog. Remember- the human touch is golden, so make sure you take your time looking around the blog and perhaps mention a post or a feature. Finally you need to make yourself stand out- these bloggers get emails everyday about advertising, so make your email impressive.

Golden Rule no.2- stand out from the crowd.

3)     Promises are like pie crusts…- Ok, so you may know what you’d ‘like’ to do with the bloggers, but when it comes down to the process, you might have some issues. Don’t panic; if you set clear expectations at the start, then you should be fine. The crucial thing is not to make promises you can’t keep. We try to set clear parameters, but things might not always runs to plan so make sure you are prepared for this. It’s essential to manage the situation as well as you can. Where you can- try and be flexible, keep the blogger in the loop and above all be honest!

Golden Rule no.3- setting expectations.

4)     Lack of respect towards bloggers- Remember a blogger talking about your brand can be very powerful. There are many companies who don’t actually understand the full purpose and reach of blogger engagement, and therefore don’t truly know the value of bloggers. Bloggers can be your best friend, your brand ambassador, but remember that a bad review is read by up to thousands of people. In a report by the eTailing Group, 93% of shoppers find customer reviews ‘extremely’ or ‘very helpful’. These people can make or break you online so treat them well!

Golden Rule no.4- respect bloggers

5)     Passive brands- So, your review might go live and it’s really positive- this isn’t the end of the line- make sure that you read it and respond. Let them know you’ve read it, perhaps mention it on your social channels and you could even provide them with some great customer service and respond to any qualms they had with a product. Avoid being passive- this won’t be beneficial to anyone. This is really your brand’s opportunity to be proactive and show how well you can engage with their content. Negative coverage can always be turned positive if you react in the right way and show you actually care about their feedback.

Golden Rule no.5- engagement is two-way.

Katie Fincham, is blogger engagement manager at Best British Bloggers

  • Heather Baker

    I could NOT agree more with point 3. Last week I had two people enthusiastically offer me guest posts for the B2B PR Blog on Monday – by Friday they had both gone silent! Grrrrrrr…….

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  • Mike

    great post, thanks!

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  • Anthony

    Sound advice Katie. I totally concur with points 1 and 2. In order to execute point 2 effectively you need to have done point 1 first – research. Taking the time to read through a few posts, and find any with familiarity to the guest post(s) you are willing to pitch will increase the chances of getting a ‘yes’ to your outreach email. Taking the time to get a name too is well worth the effort.
    Heather – I’m sorry to hear that, getting the silent treatment must be quite frustrating. Don’t let it put you of guest bloggers though as there are plenty of credible ones out there.