Manchester City v Manchester United derby scores a million tweets

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany.With all eyes on the Manchester City and Manchester United derby that might have decided the winners of the Premiership on Monday night, we were glued to the activity on Twitter.

With over a million tweets (1,008,134 – source: Sysomos M.A.P.) sent about the game, this generated more than double the 455,000 tweets about The Voice last Saturday – or four times the 245,000 tweets about the first episode of the new series of The Apprentice.

The tweets didn’t stop when the whistle blew either – by 10:30pm (about 45 minutes after the final whistle), there were still around 3,000 tweets per minute about the game.

Both sides were represented by their fans, with 357,000 tweets specifically mentioning Manchester City, and 360,000 tweets mentioning Manchester United.

This followed a Twitter record set last Tuesday, when a 10-man Chelsea team knocked Barcelona out of the UEFA Champions League in the semi-final, with over 3.4 million tweets were sent about the game, with The Wall reporting a record peak of an incredible 13,684 tweets per second:

Twitter said tweets during the Barcelona v Chelsea game peaked at 13,684 per second, which was enough to beat the previous record for a sporting event set by the NFL in the US.

That had been set only earlier this year at the Super Bowl, which saw the New York Giants beat New England Patriots 21-17. As with Chelsea’s last minute winner the Giants scored a touchdown with less than a minute remaining.

Scott Thompson, Digital Research Manager, Starcom MediaVest