The most influential digital and marketing blogs in the UK

We’ve made it. The Wall is featured on this infographic here from Eloqua that lists the most influential digital blogs in the UK.

It’s called “The Blog Tree: UK Edition” and the Wall is in the root system of the tree as accorrding to  Eloqua The Wall is “key in the tech/marketing/digital space”.

We’re there with Techcrunch Europe, TNW, the BBC and others. It is a great snap shot of what is happening out there and the blogs that are worth reading.

  • Gary Bembridge

    The scoring method used looks really interesting development from others as tries to build in quality not just usual followers etc. My Marketing Unleashed blog will be on this tree soon I hope !

  • emanuela


  • Mark

    An interesting representation. Worth a tweet for sure!

  • Oracle Advertising

    It’s really nice to see the roots and branches of the blog tree. Jess’s design is great.

  • tbs@outsource seo services

    very nice info graphics i will share this on my Facebook page

  • Carl Duncker

    Well congratulations on making it but that’s got to be one of the worst infographics I’ve seen

  • Michael Bian

    Thank you for sharing.