Leveson Inquiry: Social media saints and sinners

Just when you thought the ongoing Leveson inquiry had been examined and dissected in every possible way, along comes Meltwater Group with an infographic capturing the online reaction to each key witness this week. By using their social media intelligence and marketing platform, Meltwater Buzz, they have tracked the negative and positive senitment towards Evgeny Lebedev, Jeremy Hunt, James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch during their Leveson appearances this week.

Perhaps not surprisingly, News Corp’s chairman Rupert Murdoch was found to have generated the most negative buzz (36%). His son James was the second most negatively talked about witness with 26%, while MP Jeremy Hunt and axed News International chief Rebekah Brooks both received a relatively even amount of negative and positive online buzz.

The real winner of the show, and a man who might just yet single-handedly bring back the trimmed beard, was the Independent and Evening Standard proprietor Evgeny Lebedev, viewed a ‘Saint’ with only 4% negative buzz.

Leveson saints and sinners

Saints and sinners

  • http://www.rosemcgrory.co.uk/ Rose McGrory

    I LOVE twitter for this – being able to keep up with politics but with most of the bullshit stripped out. I get so much more insightful, funny and to the point commentary on Twitter than I ever did from any mealy-mouthed TV channel.