“It’ll be viral by morning” – HBO debuts Sorkin’s Newsroom drama

Aaron Sorkin's new HBO drama 'The Newsroom' starring Jeff DanielsHBO have released the trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s latest TV drama ‘The Newsroom’. It is his latest project after ‘The Social Network’ and it looks like a much darker affair as a previous impartial TV anchor called Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels (“the Jay Leno of news anchors”), goes into meltdown after he lets rip in front of a college audience.

The Newsroom will be the first modern drama about journalism made for the digital and social media age. With ‘The Social Network’ behind him this looks like a show that will be heavily informed by the internet and how it has changed news media.

We are only a few seconds in when we see YouTube and Facebook like screens as people begin to share his meltdown after McAvoy declares America is “not the the greatest country in the world, that’s my answer”.

Back in the office as all hell begins to break loose another member of the newsroom quips “it will be viral by morning”.

It will be interesting to see how Sorkin plays the tension between social networking and news as he gives us what HBO says will be “a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make a nightly news program”.

The world has TV has changed much since Sorkin was last in the media world when after ‘The West Wing’ he wrote ‘Sports Night’, fictional sports news show 12 years ago, and his even shorter lived ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ six years ago.

The Newsroom also stars Jane Fonda in the recurring role of CEO of the news network and from this trailer alone, where several Blackberry phones are smashed, it looks like it will be explosive.