Bluetooth fridge magnet orders up pizza with one click

How cool is this? I dream of one touch pizza. We’ve all been there – empty fridge, bare cupboards and no desire to trudge down to the shops after a hard day’s work. Pizza companies have come up with plenty of easy ways to order a Margherita, from texts to websites – but Red Tomato Pizza has bested them all with a Bluetooth fridge magnet that’ll order up your favourite slice with one click.

You just sync the VIP Fridge Magnet up with your phone, set up your favourite pizza on the Red Tomato Pizza website and then you’re away – a single click will summon up your favourite slice. But why stop at fridge magnets? Glue a safety pin to the back and you’d have yourself a Star Trek communicator badge that can beam you up a pizza without you even having to make the trip to the fridge.

Sadly the VIP Fridge Magnet is only available in Dubai for the time being, but it’s surely only a matter of time before it arrives on other shores. Via Stuff.