Facebook rolls out high resolution photos, fullscreen galleries and more

Today Facebook announced a new feature that will display all photos in their highest resolution and a fullscreen gallery option will be available to users using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.

The new feature will display photos up to four times larger than before and will make images look sharper and more vivid; improving user experience when browsing through an album.

For those using the newest versions of Firefox or Chrome, an arrow will appear in the top right hand corner of the photo allowing them to expand to the fullscreen mode. Users can also access the fullscreen viewer by selecting the ‘Options’ menu beneath the photo (but still only in Chrome and Firefox). There are no indications when the fullscreen mode will available in Internet Explorer, Safari or other browsers.

Facebook engineer Ryan Mack highlighted a new feature in a recent blog post that improves the colour quality of images. A photo taken by Mack in the Sydney Opera House was used to exemplify the improved sRGB profile that will enhance the colours in images without slowing down loading times.

As more and more social networks embrace visual content, as opposed to written updates and reblogged/reposted textual content – think Pinterest, Instagram – Facebook is rapidly adapting to keep up. Their new photo viewer interface is designed to showcase pictures, photos and videos in a similar fashion to the competition and complements Timeline’s visually-orientated nature.

Clair O’Neill is an SEO Copywriter at Fluid Creativity.