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Glancee, Highlight, Sonar, Ban.jo – I can find you

Social Networking

A few weeks back everyone was talking about Highlight. A great networking tool that seems to have been the most talked about app at SXSW. (More on that later)

I’ve been playing with some Social Networking apps for a while and wanted to give some thoughts and show you some of the stand out ones.

Social Networking
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Social Link Building – Don’t Ask Don’t Get


About a month ago I posted a fab ad on my personal blog by British Airways called The Race. It resonated with me as I have been living in the US for a year now, will be missing the Olympics, and let’s face it, I get a bit homesick now and again and this video got me all of a quiver!

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Are your customers Pinterested?

I’m going to try and not let this post fall into the trap of Pinterest-bashing as seems to be increasingly easy to do so these days. The inevitable backlash from Pinterest being the cool new kid on the block is in full swing, and for all the fawning, doe-eyed ‘Pinthusiasts’ clamoring to praise the site, and all the marketers running round like headless chickens trying to discover how best to use it for selling stuff, there’s the growing band of dissenters taking the contrary opinion. Read more on Are your customers Pinterested?…

Saba – giving your role in business some Klout

Saba, a human resources software company, is realeasing a new social network designed to show your business what your work is worth. It is called  the Saba People Cloud, and it takes your social interactions on the network, and comments and feedback on the content you post, and gives it a value for the company, as your People Quotient (pQ) score. Think Klout, but for human resources.

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Social media for social good: Don’t just sell things, change the world:

One of my highlights of SXSW so far was a panel that focused on how social media can be used for social good just as we saw with clean-up campaign after the London riots. Bringing together a range of senior agency people and chaired by Economist journalist Matthew Bishop, the panel debated how digital communications can help deal with some of the big issues facing the world today, from child health to social change.

This is a topic close to Porter Novelli’s heart: when our agency was founded 40 years ago it was to pioneer the idea of social marketing – using the power of communications to change people’s lives for the better by helping them live more healthily and happily. Fast forward to 2012 and this topic is again back on the agenda and judging by the way the digerati of SXSW packed in to join the discussion, more relevant than ever. Read more on Social media for social good: Don’t just sell things, change the world:…