Joey Barton says he’s ready for jail over Terry Tweets

Joey Barton says he's ready for jail over John Terry TweetsThe Attorney General’s office is to investigate a series of tweets made by Twitter’s biggest Premiership footballer, Joey Barton, about the John Terry racism case.

Over the weekend the Queens Park Rangers captain took to Twitter after Terry was stripped of his England captaincy on Friday in the wake of the coming court case that will  deal with allegations that he racially abused Anton Ferdinand during a match at QPR last year.

Barton has defended his comments on the grounds of free speech and tweeted that he will “gladly go to jail for a month” to defend it. Adding that he has “no problem with what I said. Make me a martyr”.

He could find himself charged with contempt, and possibly face jail time, if it is deemed that his comments have prejudiced the chances of Terry receiving a fair trial.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office said: “I can confirm the Tweets have been brought to our attention and have been viewed.”

The comments by Barton on Twitter follow the former bad boy writing in The Times last week about his love for Twitter and the freedom that it gives him.

Barton has also said that he does not believe Chelsea captain Terry is a racist. He said Terry should have admitted his mistake and taken any punishment coming his way at the time. However, since making his comments about Terry on Twitter Barton has since deleted some of them casting doubt over how much exactly he fancies himself as a Twitter martyr.

The Attorney General’s office said that “there will now be a process but it must be remembered that each case is decided on its own facts”.

Some of the facts likely to be considered are that Barton has more than 1.18 million followers on Twitter and his comments were retweeted many of times.

Barton, who was on the pitch during the match when the alleged racist abuse is said to have taken place, could also be called as a witness at the trial, which is due to start on July 9. He might though be spared any jail time as the case is being heard by magistrates and so will have no jury.

Here are some of Barton’s comments still publicly available on Twitter.