Twitter set to launch enhanced pages for brands next week

UPDATE – According to an email from a Twitter account executive obtained by Ad Age, the roll-out of enhanced brand pages will only be available to those firms committing to spend in excess of $25,000 a year in advertising.

The initial group of 21 brands which got the original versions of brand pages in December were all higher-spending media partners and were said to be spending around $2m a piece.

The report chimes with another recent report that says brands could get a verified Twitter account if they spent more than $15,000 on Twitter in advertising.

FROM FRIDAY – Twitter is apparently getting ready to rollout enhanced brand pages, which will allow businesses to turn their simple pages into brand platforms with possible ecommerce capability.

Twitter launched pages for a select number of  brands in December, including @AmericanExpress, @BestBuy, @bing, @chevrolet, @CocaCola and @Dell, but while they had improved design and the ability to allow brands to promote tweets on their pages they did not allow for anything particularly sophisticated.  That looks like it is about to change.

Business Insider quotes a source saying that enhanced profile pages will be launched shortly after February 1. It says these new pages “will give brands the ability to build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments, allowing users to play games or shop on a brand’s site without actually leaving the Twitter environment”.

As the report says this will basically turn these Twitter brand pages into something much more akin to Facebook brand pages and would allow them to start doing ecommerce directly from their pages as business such as Heinz as well as Magners and cinema chain Odeon.

Is this the dawn of T-Commerce?

It would represent a major step change for Twitter and would usher in what is sure to be referred to as “T-Commerce” (well we have F-Commerce).

That is a huge changer for Twitter if transactions are added into the mix. We’ve heard of businesses doing business on the back of their Twitter accounts, such as Dell, but this would turn the microblogging service into a potential store front for many other brands.