Jordan’s brainiac Twitter stunt for Snickers backfires

A Twitter stunt that saw the model and reality star Jordan (aka Katie Price) tweeting about economics and financial woe in her Twitter stream, which is usually filled with celebrities, things pink and horses, has backfired.

Mars-owned chocolate bar Snickers signed up Jordan to show how a Snickers bar could help restore you …and apparently fill your head with vacuous rather than serious thoughts in the process.At first the 1.5 million followers of @MissKatiePrice thought her account might have been hacked. Surely that was the only explanation for Jordan to suddenly start commenting on the goings on in the Eurozone rather than Celebrity Big Brother:

What no one thought it could possibly be was Jordan, as successful a business woman as she is, doing the tweeting herself, but then came the reveal.

The whole thing was a promotional marketing campaign created byAbbott Mead Vickers BBDO, that also involved @AmirKingKhan and @BeefyBotham, for Snickers, as Price tweeted:

And then explaining to Lord Sugar that life isn’t always (but surely mostly?) about shiny pink things and that the stunt was a bit of Twitter fun:

You can see where they are going with the idea can’t you? You need the choclatly goodness to be yourself again! Reach for that bar now.

Except people quickly began pointing out that this seemed to imply that through the act of eating a Snickers bar Jordan was going from being a brainiac, tweeting about the economy and quite serious matters, to tweeting about reality TV and underwear.

You can see that it sounded good on paper, but once it is done and dusted the message seems to be that Snickers will make you a moron and will in fact seriously degrade your IQ. How did Jordan’s PR people think that this was a good idea? It isn’t as though she needs the money.

True Snickers has got lots of mentions on Twitter,  and a few blogs, and a piece in the Sun, and we’re all talking about it, but does this count as a success? However, some are pretty clear that it is a fail: