Anti drugs campaign becomes first ad on Facebook’s new Timeline

A really smart campaign here from Israel’s Anti-Drug Authority that makes great creative use of Facebook Timeline’s design and the way it splits your profile evenly down the middle. It is also appears to be the first brand to use Facebook Timeline for advertising.

It uses the Timeline to show a man’s descent into drugs and shows how his life would be if he were clean.

The campaign uses the Timeline allows of a real user profile for “Adam Barak”, who is a fictional character, and shows his has been on drugs on one side and on the other what his life has been like drug free.

It’s all quite Robert Frost like and the road not taken: it’s pictures of him sleeping rough or being in a comfy bed; enjoying nights out with friends and sitting alone on a sidewalk; and smiling with his girlfriend and being kicked out of the house.

The campaign was created by agency McCann Digital Israel and the photographs are of the copywriter on the project, Daniel Barak.

What’s more they have done all of this and Facebook Timeline isn’t open to brands yet, but as it is disguised to look a real profile it seems to have beaten the Facebook system.

It also suggests some of the powerful things that brands could achieve with the new Facebook timeline pages.

What’s so good about it, what makes it so effective, is that it has depth and achieves more than a poster of a TV ad featuring up junkies and needles.

Although as Ad Week points out some of the photos on the drug side are possibly a little heroin chic and heroin is so passé.

  • Ryan

    is it me or does this guy look a bit like Sebastien Vettel

  • Shayne Cuffy

    This is perfect, thanks, time to have some fun and make some money with FB Timeline

  • Chris Clarke

    Maybe it’s just me but isn’t this campaign just the same old cliche which will have no impact on drug use. Yes it uses a new technology, but the idea is … is err, where is the idea again? Or is the idea to use Timeline?

  • Elaina

    Hate to say I agree with Chris. The medium is new and fun but the message is old and proven ineffective. Why not take real life stories of those on the streets and trace them through timeline instead to at least ad some weight to a social media campaign.

  • Hellvis

    Isnt the use of profiles for ads proibhited by termas and conditions of facebook?

  • Elisabeth

    I don’t think the main objective of this campaign is to reduce the use of drugs, but to increase awareness of this major problem in our society and therefore, increase resources available. This is the first example we have of the use of this new Facebook’s feature in a campaign and it will go viral in a heartbeat. The best example I can give is the AIDS campaigns. It wasn’t a concern 30 years ago but with all the “noise” around it, foundations and help organizations got the financial resources and public recognition to really make a difference in the prevention and treatment of this disease. I think it’s a very creative and effective idea.

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