Shoe brand lets influential tweeters knock down prices for everyone

Miista: Cheaper with a Tweet campaign

Like me, you might’ve thought that the purpose of Klout was to generate mystified tweets from people confused as to why an algorithm has deemed them to be influential about subjects they’ve never mentioned on Twitter.

In fact, being influential on Klout can get you a load of freebies, and now (until January 13 or stocks run out) it can also help everyone get a discount on some shoes, thanks to a new social media campaign.

‘Cheaper with a Tweet’ is being run by a relatively new shoe brand called Miista, which is reducing the price of its shoes every time someone tweets about them.

That’s not a new strategy (Uniqlo has already done this), but what is new is that Miista is giving a greater discount if the person who tweets has a high ranking on Klout.

In theory, this means the price of a pair of shoes could drop to zero, if a kindly and very influential celebrity, for example, were to tweet about a pair of shoes.

Miista’s founder Laura Villasenin admits the promotion is a publicity tactic: “We’re prepared to give our shoes away for free, for a bit of attention,” she says.

At the time of writing, it doesn’t appear that any celebs have taken up the challenge but word is spreading, so the campaign is probably already generating a load of extra traffic to Miista’s site, and awareness of the brand [Edit: since this blog was written, the Miista website has been knocked over by the number of visits – it is due to go back online this morning.]

The campaign is being run by social media agency RAAK, which has built a scale to determine the discount based on the Klout score. Users not signed up to Klout scores can participate, but their tweets will generate the lowest default discount on the products.