Social brand value of world’s top 50 brands revealed: Google rules [infogrpahic]

A report out today ranks the social media performance of the world’s most valuable brands. It puts Google as overall clear leader with Disney, Apple, Starbucks, Blackberry and Coca-Cola as runners-up.

The report also names and shames the bottom five social performers from the top 50 most valuable brands: Marlboro, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and China Mobile all score poorly.  Others trailing behing include Gillette, IBM and Visa.

The report, carried out by social media consultancy Sociagility,  also found significant positive correlation between its Print Index social media performance metric and brand value and growth.

To come up with the Top 50 the firm applied its Print Index, which measures five attributes of social media performance (popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust) across multiple social channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Key findings include:

1. Google tops the Sociagility Top 50 and is the best performing ‘social brand ‘ by far on the new ranking, although (funnily enough) it has yet to fully embrace using Facebook and scores poorly on the PRINT receptiveness attribute. Well it does have Google+ now.

2. Disney and Starbucks both score well overall and Disney has the highest trust score. Johnson & Johnson has the highest receptiveness score.

3. Apple, Blackberry, Google and Microsoft all have below average receptiveness scores with above average popularity scores, risking the report says “a perception of arrogance”. Interesting to see the tech firms fall here and in my mind Apple is one of the most unsocial brands around and we saw Blackberry fail spectacularly earlier this year.

3. Telecoms and financial services brands are the worst performing on average.

The Top 20 social brands out of the world’s most valuable companies, with their comparative social media strength based on the Pring Index, are:

Rank Brand PRINT™ Index score
1 Google 585
2 Disney 294
3 Apple 244
4 Starbucks 238
5 Blackberry 135
6 Coca-Cola 133
7 Amazon 125
8 Nokia 124
9 Pepsi 122
10 Fedex 117
11 Microsoft 107
12 Walmart 106
13 Johnson & Johnson 105
14 Singapore Airlines 104
15 Target 98
16 Wells Fargo 94
17 American Express 92
18 BMW 92
19 McDonald’s 90
20 Toyota 85

Sociagility says that, as audience communication preferences migrate to social media, their importance in creating the ‘intangible value’ assigned to brands is already being felt and can only increase.

“The highly personal way that people engage with each other via social media has redefined their expectations of how brands should engage with them – and vice versa,” said Sociagility co-founder Anthony Burgess-Webb, adding, “The indications from this report are that an organization’s use of social media can have a real impact on brand value.”

Social KPIs

Sociagility says that many top marketers already recognize this and are spending millions of dollars on social marketing, but lack a relevant set of KPIs to manage how their money is spent. “Social KPIs are essential if marketers are to manage and, crucially, justify their investment in social media tools, staff and agencies,” said Burgess-Webb.

Sociagility argues that their PRINT methodology can provide just such a set of KPIs. Separate tests show a significant correlation between the PRINT Index™ of social performance and brand value, as measured by the Millward Brown and Interbrand studies, with a 95–99 per cent degree of confidence.

Applying PRINT™

Sociagility offers PRINT report as one-off snapshots, annual or continuous tracking studies. Each assessment is bespoke and provides comparative PRINT Index™ scores for a specific set of competitors. As well as a summary scorecard, detailed comparative scores and re-usable graphics are included for attribute and channel combinations. Commentary is given on high and low performers by attribute and channel and specific recommendations are offered for improvement.

A summary report can be downloaded from