The top hashtags and topics of 2011: Charlie Sheen, Egypt, McDonald’s and Apple

Twitter has published its #YearInReview that highlights the leading topics and hashtags of the year.

The top two hashtags demonstrate as clearly as anything the diversity and breadth of what takes place on Twitter. The top one was #egypt followed by Charlie Sheen’s #tigerblood. Is he still winning?

In terms of brands the winner was McDonald’s. It scored two mentions in Twitter’s top food and drink topic’s list for 2011 as people wondered which McDonald’s restaurants were serving McLobster.

You have to be wondering it is real, but yes it was. It was described as a “disturbing mix of lobster and bread smothered in white McLobster sauce” and was only available in Canada and as a seasonal speciality in Maine. Sadly, Twitter fans were not rewarded (right word) with the McLobster going nation/worldwide.

McDonad’s also appeared in the list at number seven for ‘Mac & Cheese’ while other brands to score top places included American’s top new snack Fried Kool-Aid followed by the Starbucks and its bucket size Trenta cup. Other brands in there are Devassa Beer and Guinness

Also making the top hastags were  #threewordstoliveby in third and #idontunderstandwhy in fourth followed by #japan, #improudtosay,  #superbowl and #jan25.

The football list (as opposed to the NFL) was dominated by the UK with Wayne Rooney top followed by Fernando Torres, referee Howard Webb, Wembley Stadium and the only non-English mention in the top five was Chilean football club Colo Colo (apparently the most successful team in Chile’s history).

Apple dominated the top tech topics with four mentions  in the top ten. The Mac App Store was at one followed by Sony NGP, Guitar Hero, Mozilla Firefox and Duke Nukem Forever.

Then it was the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod with mentions for Nintendo 3DS and Mortal Kombat.

No surprise to read that Rebecca Black and Friday topped the “music” category, Nate Dogg and Femme Fatale followed, and that Charlie Sheen did the same for actors. Macaulay Culkin, Ryan Dunn and Ricky Gervais came on Sheen’s tail.

Sheen’s former show ‘Two and a half men’ was also the second most talked about TV show after MTV’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

‘Thor’ (its lack of thunder?) was the most talked about film tipping out the upcoming ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

As #egypt topped the hashtag list Hosni Mubarak’s resignation topped the list of world news. Cairo and Egypt were also the topped to in the most talked about countries and cities.

Egypt was followed by the raid on Osama Bin Laden and the Japanese Earthquake.

Among other things, we saw history unfold in the Middle East, mourned the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, celebrated National Whipped Cream Day, and cheered for the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers and Wayne Rooney. We wondered about Charlie Sheen, speculated about the Sony NGP, and raved (or raged) about Rebecca Black. And we tYp3ed LyK tHi5.

More than anything, these trends demonstrate how Twitter connects people with common interests. Instead of watching the news, the Super Bowl and Pretty Little Liars at home alone, we watched them together on Twitter. We shared our thoughts about the world we live in, and we listened as others around the globe chimed in, according to Twitter.

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