Yahoo!’s top searches of 2011 show we’ve got money on our minds

National LotterySearch engine Yahoo!’s annual Year in Review has revealed the most popular search terms of 2011, and it’s no surprise to see that the top three are all related to the state of our finances.

The most searched for term is ‘FTSE’, as people wanted to keep up with the UK’s performance in the midst of the ongoing financial turmoil in Europe and further afield. In the  second spot was ‘National Lottery’ – maybe looking up the stock exchange was so depressing people wanted to put their faith in good old-fashioned gambling.

Next up? ‘Job centre.’ Overall UK unemployment soared to 2.62 million in September, the highest it has been since 1994. Youth unemployment also hit a 23-year high, topping one million, and female unemployment is at its highest since Thatcher was in power. So it’s not hard to see why this was searched for so often.

After that, the list gets a lot more cheery, with ‘Katie Price’, ‘Cheryl Cole’ and ‘EastEnders’ getting a look in. And in position 9 was ‘iPhone 5’, which was the most popular search term in the US Year in Review, beating criminal defendant Casey Anthony, reality star Kim Kardashian and Osama bin Laden.

Yahoo! explains that the lists are constructed without navigational searches, so ‘Facebook’ or ‘currency converter’ aren’t included as it is assumed that the intention is purely to navigate rather than to discover information.

Here are the UK lists in full:

The Top Ten of Everything 2011* (last year’s numbers in brackets)

1. FTSE (new entry)

2. National Lottery (#1)

3. Job Centre (#2)

4. Katie Price (#9)

5. Cheryl Cole (no change)

6. EastEnders (new entry)

7. X Factor (new entry)

8. Big Brother (new entry)

9. iPhone 5 (new entry)

10. Kate Middleton (new entry)

The top ten celebrities

1. Katie Price (#2)

2. Cheryl Cole (#1)

3. Kate Middleton (new entry)

4. Imogen Thomas (new entry)

5. Pippa Middleton (new entry)

6. Amy Winehouse (new entry)

7. Ryan Giggs (new entry)

8. Victoria Beckham (#6)

9. Kim Kardashian (new entry)

10. Rihanna (new entry)

Top ten news stories

1. Ryan Giggs superinjunction

2. Death of Amy Winehouse

3. Phone-hacking scandal

4. 2012 Olympics

5. Royal Wedding

6. Death of Gaddafi

7. World Floods (Dublin, Thailand, Australia etc)

8. Madeleine McCann

9. UK Riots (London, Birmingham, Manchester)

10. Death of Marco Simoncelli