Google offers help and highlights how people are connecting on Google+

Last week we heard that multi-admin access was coming for Google+ in Q1 2012 and this week Google is highlighting how some people are already using it including how all the candidates in the 2012 US presidential race have agreed to participate in live hangouts with voters on television.

Interesting  to see that already every single major league baseball team has a Google+ page including the likes of 2011 World Series Champion the St. Louis Cardinals and their beaten opponents the Texas Rangers.

According to Google other ways that people are using Google+ already include college professors across the US using it to hold virtual office hours.

To help more organisations, politicians, artists, celebrities, athletes, media companies and nonprofits use it Google has launched a series of community guides to help organisation thrive on Google+. There are lots of really good examples of what people are already doing.

No surprise, but the uptake of Google+ in the US appears a lot faster than it is hear. I doubt you will be seeing all Premiership football clubs on Google+ anytime soon.

On the site, you can find out not only how to get started on Google+, but also learn how other similar groups  such as universities, political organizations, nonprofits, sports, media companies and celebrities are already using the platform.

For example, you’ll see how NBC’s Breaking News Google+ page is using the platform to deliver breaking news; or how the Dallas Cowboys are using hangouts to connect with fans; or how celebrities like Conan O’Brien are announcing their Google+ pages to the world.

You can also see how for instance Senator Bernie Sanders has jumped right in there and is using Google+ to poll his constituents for ideas or how the French governing party, UMP, and main opposition party, Parti Socialiste, share their campaign platforms on their Google+ Pages.

Interesting to see also how Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier was broadcast as governor Mitt Romney spoke with voters through Hangouts.