Twitter loses its head of communications as Garrett leaves

Sean Garrett, Twitter’s VP of communications, is leaving the company and, of course, he announced the news to the outside world via Twitter although no reason was given for his exit.

The announcement came today through a series of tweets by Garrett in which he mentioned that his two years at Twitter were the favorite of his career, and that he was finally going to take more than a two week break between jobs.

Garrett sent two tweets announcing his exit, which comes after just two years, although he said it felt like much longer:

“BREAKING: Indeed, for the first time since 1993, I’m going to take more than a two week break between jobs.

“My 2 yrs at Twitter felt like 10 but they were my favorite of my career. From no press list to building a team that’s the best in the biz,” Garrett tweeted.

As for the next role in his career path, Garret tweeted “No plans yet. Free agency. After creating and fulfilling a killer sabbatical list (suggestions welcomed).”

On his personal blog Garrett posted the Pavement song ‘Our Singer’ with the line of text underneath “I’m dreamin’ of something now…”

According to a Twitter spokeswoman, Carolyn Penner, who was when asked for confirmation of Garrett’s departure, said: “I think his tweets speak for themselves.”

Garrett joined Twitter from the Next Fifteen-owned PR agency 463 Communications where he was a partner to become Twitter’s first V-P of communications.

Garrett had co-founded US tech agency 463 in 2004. In a blog post at the time of the appointment he said that joining Twitter represented a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. Lifetimes aren’t want they used to be in these social networked times.

He joined Twitter after consulting for the microblogging service and has since gone onto build the social network’s comms team including the appointment of Rachel Bremer as its European communications manager in June.