The week in search… keeping things fresh

Forget doing barrel rolls… And the fact that Sir Martin Sorrell has told us “not to underestimate the power of Google or online”…

This is old news and, for my money, the big announcement of the week in search is all about keeping things fresh.

Google has announced it is rolling out a new search algorithm update that will help to make search results “fresher.”

So far, so predictable – ‘Query Deserves Freshness’ (QDF) is a ranking factor that dates back to 2007 and last year’s Caffeine update was all about Google gathering content faster to provide better search query results.

The reason the announcement is so important is that Google said the move will reportedly change the results for about 35% of all searches. And that’s a lot of searches.

But I wonder where this fresh content is going to come from.

Google+ is providing more content every day but Google has been without a full feed of public updates from Twitter (which represents most of the ‘fresh’ information out there) since the contract between the two companies expired in July.

It might help if they could access Facebook comments…

Imagine your Facebook comments, coming soon to a Google search near you

Enough writing.

Here’s an infographic about Stumbelupon and another about the death of outbound marketing – RIP.

By the time you’ve read this and followed the links this post will be old news.

I’d better start looking for next week’s new news.

In the meantime, I’ve got enough time for a barrel roll. So have you.