Stop, you’ve been tweeting all wrong. This is how you do it

Very interesting post from Dan Zarrella who has been analysing where in a tweet is the best place to put the all important link. Will it be a surprise to learn that we have all been putting it in the wrong place?

It was for me. Most tweets you see, if they include a link, include the link at the end of the tweet. That always seemed the natural place to put it right? Apparently while that might feel intuitively correct it is not the best place for it go to at all.

He looked at the data for 200,000 random tweets and then using the API he calculated a click through rate (clicks on a link divided by number of followers of tweeter).

He then looked at where the link was in the tweet to its CTR and created this heat map below where the entire map symbolises a tweet. The dark red bars represent a position with a high click through rate whereas light-red or white have much lower rates of click through.

“It turns out that the best area for clicks is about 25% of the way through the Tweet. Do these findings match your experience? Will you be experimenting with this placement?”  asks Dan Zarrella.

There’s also a very interesting comment on the piece as well where someone asks:

“The Tweets I’ve seen where people consistently position the URL in the optimum range announce the particular type of content contained. Examples: “NEW STUDY: blah blah blah” or “FUNNY VIDEO: blah blah blah.” I wonder if that Tweet construction is just as important (or more) as link position to your CTR numbers.”

Don’t know about you, but I think it has to be worth experimenting.