How consumers interact with brands on social media [inforgraphic]

One third of Facebook and Twitter users in the UK are followers of brands, more than twice the percentage of other markets across the continent, according to a pan-European survey, which highlights the divide between countries and the usage of social media.

The UK has the highest number of social media users signed up to the brands ‘fan’ pages in Europe, where other countries, including France and Germany, less than 16% of users are ‘fans’ of brands.

The survey, commissioned by email marketers eCircle, shows some other key facts, including:

-Germans, French and Dutch are the most likely to be reachable only via email, whereas in Spain, Italy and the UK, multi-channel communications, including social media, are preferred.

-Email marketing remains the most popular digital channel with an average of 83% subscribing to newsletters.

-Across the board, Twitter has the highest sharing rate of branded messages and content at 18%. On average, each shared message reaches 77 friends.