LinkedIn launches alumni feature Classmates and a headhunting service for job recruiters

LinkedIn is launching a new professional tool called Classmates, which is all about staying in touch with your fellow graduates and finding out more easily what your alumni are up to, where they work and where they live. Friends Reunited on a business network anyone?

LinkedIn has also announced the launch of a new service called Talent Pipeline that focuses on helping recruitment firms find and place those loooking for jobs.

The idea of  Classmates is to remind people that the degree they get at university is only part of the valuable outcome of your college years. The other bit is your alumni network.

“In the years since college, your classmates have become experienced professionals, industry experts, potential clients and trusted colleagues – in short, people who can help you expand your horizons. It makes sense to stay connected to your fellow alumni.  Not only do you share great memories, but you can also help one another throughout your lives.  Since you have your school in common, you have a natural connection.

“Because we understand the power of alumni networks, we are delighted to unveil LinkedIn Classmates – a tool for insights and networking for alumni of colleges and universities around the world,” LinkIn said.

LinkedIn says Classmates provides insights about alumni of your school, as well as access to the more detailed professional profiles they’ve shared.  It can help you:

  • Explore Possibilities:  See what alumni in your field have accomplished since graduation – and expand your sense of what’s possible for you
  • Make Connections:  Reconnect with old friends, and reach out to alumni in your field for their industry expertise and career opportunities
  • Find Opportunities:  From mentoring to jobs, your fellow alumni often are ready to help

You can read more about Classmates here.

Talent Pipeline

The idea behind Talent Pipeline is to streamline all the job recruiting process into a single database of information, which can be searched, organized and monitored. LinkedIn is by far and away the biggest online destination in terms of social media for finding a job and as the market grows LinkedIn will be in an incrasingly powerful position.

As many as 43% of Londoners now use social media to find a job and 25% of those Londoners look for a job on LinkedIn.

According to Venture Beat, the service lets recruiters import leads and resumes from any source (message boards, job postings, personal referrals and more), which can then be organized using tags, sources, status updates and custom search reports.

“Since Talent Pipeline matches all recruiting data within LinkedIn’s database of profiles, it makes the process of monitoring potential hires much easier as well. This also helps adds more passive job seekers to the mixed based on their qualifications rather than the need to find employment.

“In addition to grabbing talent from outside the company, recruiters can use Talent Pipeline to fill positions in-house (people currently employed by the company) as well as making it easier for current employees to discover new promotion opportunities, according to LinkedIn. The company is working with recruiters from several large businesses — such as PepsiCo, Pfizer, Red Hat, First Citizens Bank and Netflix — to develop the new service,” Venture Beat reports.