Dislike: Facebook’s failures, criticisms and missteps [infographic]

If you’re a Facebook user, and there’s about a 1-in-6 chance that you are, there’s little doubt you have experienced at least one “Facebook-stential” crisis already.

We’ve all been there—with cursors lingering tantalisingly over the delete-account button and minds relishing over books unread, afternoons unsquandered and privacy relinquished—while sitting in our pants contemplating “Why?” in the eerie-2 a.m. MacBook glow. No? Maybe just me then.

Not a pretty sight.

Luckily, the search marketers at WordStream decided to enact a little bit of Schadenfreude of their own, chronicling Facebook’s more untoward shortcomings—presumably, at a buoy to our own fragile self-worth.

For those whose relationship with Facebook is more like-hate than love-hate, this infographic isn’t going to induce you to pull the plug just yet (I recommend a bottle of late-night Pinot Noir for that), but it’s at least interesting to see one of the world’s largest companies, for lack of a better word, fail. (They’ve got one for Google too).

(Click to englarge).