Audi launches world’s first interactive YouTube driving video

This is cool. We’ve seen some good YouTube videos where you can interact with what happens on screen with Tipex  last year and then we had  Beer brand Desperados earlier this year.

Now Audi is having a go with what it claims is the world’s first interactive YouTube driving video featuring the new Audi A6. It allows you to steer the car with your keyboard.

The YouTube video uses the indexing feature to allow anyone watching to control it or at least seem like they are. It has a game like quality, but the idea and technology probably need some work. What do you think?

1 = Left Turn
2 = Right Turn
3 = Slalom (Left)
4 = Slalom (Right)
5 = Water Hazard
6 = Lane Change (Left)
7 = Lane Change (Right)
8 = Hairpin Turn